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Gravity: Chapter 8
Instead of returning to your dorm as initially planned, you somehow ended up ducking into the auto shop class's garage, where you found the bottom half of a certain teacher poking out from underneath a deep blue muscle car.
"Hey, Mr. Jones," you called out to him.
He slid out from underneath the car and offered you a greeting. "Hey . . . isn't it past the time that you're supposed to be in your dorm?"
"No, I have a couple more hours."
"Oh, okay." He wiped a smudge of oil off of his face with the back of his hand before scooting back under the car. "What brings you here at this time of day?"
"I ran into Mr. Braginski."
Upon hearing what you had said, he rolled out from underneath the car and fixed you with an intense stare. "Did he touch you or something?"
"N-no, he was just being creepy—"
"Define 'creepy'."
"He said that he knew I liked him – which I don't; the guy is way too creepy – and he told me to kiss him."
Snorting, he sat up and got to his feet, crossing across t
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 6 19
Bring the Heat: Chapter 9
After maybe half an hour, the little bell on the door jingled and in walked a changed man: Alfred sporting a freshly clipped buzz cut. It was like looking at a whole new person because his haircut made his strong jaw more prominent, his eyes look like a brighter blue, and made his smile even brighter. Your heart faltered for a moment before you managed to stand up and go greet him.
"Do I look okay?" Alfred asked as you forced him to lean down so you could scrutinize him more. "I think that it's shorter than I wanted, but—"
Ignoring him completely, you started touching what was left of his hair. "Al, I think you look great."
"Do you think so?"
You nodded and gave him a reassuring peck on the cheek. "Yes, I think you look great."
"I think you look great, too!"
"Shut up, Jenny."
It was the evening before Alfred had to go back to his house, so the two of you were trying to make the best of it. He was cooking spaghetti while you were baking cookies, as well as exchanging light bant
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 8 4
Mature content
Epidemic: Chapter 3 :iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 4 10
This is War: Chapter 8
"Name, I want to be independent."
You looked up Alfred and frowned. "What do you mean you want to be independent?"
Your fellow colony sat beside you on the couch, his shoulders slumped and his face tired. "My people are dealing with an economic depression, and I don't think that they can handle such high taxes. It's just not right to force them to give so much of what little they have."
You tsked and shook your head. "We can't just tell Arthur that we want our independence . . ."
"Yes we can."
"But Arthur won't like it—"
"Who cares what Arthur thinks?" Alfred interjected. "Name, my people are going through hard times and all I want is the best for them all. We will be better off without Arthur and you know it."
"But Arthur's the one who took care of us when we were young, the one that played with us when we asked him to, and the one that fought for us when he had to. We can't just ask him to leave, Alfred."
Gently, he put an arm around you and pulled you to him. "I know that yo
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 7 10
Out Cold: Chapter 15
You were alone yet again. The house was silent, as if it was trying to stay in line just like you were as you waited for Ivan to return from the store. He wanted to get something before the storm, so he took your wallet and left you by yourself. If he hadn't said "If you try to run, I will just drag you back by your hair if I have to" you would have tried to escape.
Instead, you continued to wait for him and his stupid supplies.
You cast your gaze on the window in your bedroom, watching as the glass fogged up as the temperature continued to go down. Fat flakes of snow flitted down from the sky and dusted the ground around your home carelessly. The footprints that Ivan left in the freshly fallen snow were covered quickly as more of the stuff continued to drop from the heavens above, erasing nearly all traces of the fact that he was here; all that was left were the bruises, cuts, and the rope that he's been using to secure you to the bed.
Alfred took a deep breath as he set th
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 13 28
Homestuck: Oh, Mr. Strider
You are a young adult and you have been through this before so there's no point in continuing. The most important thing right now is that you have a boyfriend and his name is Bro Strider.
At the moment you are reading a short, curt note left for you from Bro. He had scribbled down a sentence for you: "Name, make sure Dave is asleep and wait for me in the living room."
Your brow furrows at his requests but you shrug it off and get up to check on Dave. Silent as a whisper, you peek into his room and find him asleep in bed. Nodding in approval, you close the door and make your way to the living room to wait for Bro.
As you sit down, you wonder what he is going to do; the thought worries you. Last time he dumped a literal avalanche of his creepy puppets on you for an April Fools' Day prank, so you are understandably anxious for what he had up his sleeve this time.
Finally, the front door opens and in walks Bro. He closes the door behind him and his eyebrows rise questioningly.
"Oh, um . .
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 23 11
Homestuck: Avalanche
You are a young adult and you know your own name so there's no point in dwelling on that. You also have many hobbies, but you're probably familiar with them as they're your hobbies. Skipping ahead to the most vital piece of information, you have a boyfriend.
His name is Bro Strider.
Currently, you are wandering around the apartment he shared with his younger brother Dave. As you wander, you refuse to acknowledge the menagerie of puppets your boyfriend was intent on keeping throughout his apartment, and ignore the ones with large noses and even larger behinds as they bother you immensely.
And Bro sure as heck knows that they bother you.
He'd always make sure that whenever you left his apartment there would be one hidden in your purse, tucked away in your jacket, or even taped to your back.
That mute monster.
Today was the first of April, meaning that there would probably be some sort of ridiculous prank planted for you exactly where you wouldn't expect it. Oh, yes, you know that he and
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 22 32
Last Friday Night: Number 3
When you awoke, you had a feeling that it would be a wonderful day filled with sunshine and rainbows. Yeah, you felt great and wonderful and oddly warm; almost as if you were sandwiched between two bodies.
Wait a second—
Something fidgeted beside you and muttered in an English accent, ". . . What the bloody—"
Another thing came to life to your other side. "What are y' doin' here?" it asked in a thick Scottish accent.
The first thing shouted, "WHAT THE BLOODY—"
The other thing roared, "GET OUT YOU LITTLE—"
"Wait, who is that?"
A finger prodded your cheek and you stirred slightly from your half-asleep half-awake state. Two hands found your waist and pulled you flush against a toned chest, the sensation of breath hitting your bare skin accompanying the feeling of being held. Your eyes blinked open and you were met with the sight of two men, both gorgeous in a sense but cursed with ridiculously thick eyebrows. One was leaner and had scruffy blond hair while the o
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 11 6
Gravity: Chapter 7
An annoying pop song began to play, shattering the silence in your room and forcing you to awaken. You turned an irritated eye to your alarm clock, which was guilty of spewing forth that terrible noise; how you hated that alarm clock. With a heavy hand you slammed down on the off button to cease the tacky and overall distasteful music.
Your bedroom went quiet again and you laid your head down on your pillow, struggling to remember the dream that you knew you had, and trying to fully awaken yourself while you were at it. All you could remember was that Arthur was there and . . .
Oh, you remembered now.
Mr. Jones was kissing you and you wholeheartedly kissed him back.
An aching began in your chest as you remembered his face as he glided away from you, as he watched Arthur replace him, and before you turned away from him. Maybe your dream was a message telling you—
"Name, are you decent?" Jess called from outside your door.
"Come in!" you shouted as you forced yourself into a sitting
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 15 23
Gravity: Chapter 6
Judging by the especially chipper smile on Mr. Braginski's face it was dissection day. Much to your concern he was, for absolutely no reason, modeling a blood-splattered apron whilst sitting in his leather swivel chair. You were jealous of the cool black leather chair, but were – without any sort of exaggeration – extremely freaked out by his butcher's apron.
Waving politely, Mr. Braginski shot a tranquil smile at you. "Hello, little one!"
"Hi, Mr. Braginski," you replied as you took your assigned seat that was right in front of his desk.
"Are you excited for the dissection today?" he asked with a somewhat childish lilt.
You gave a weak laugh in response. "Yeah, I guess."
"Although, I do have some good and bad news for you, little one!" he said. "The bad news is that you're original student partner is not here today, so you will have me as your partner! Isn't that great?"
"Sure is great!" you lied.
"Ah, it looks like everyone is here," Mr. Braginski noted. "Okay
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 22 38
Gravity: Chapter 5
You took his hand and mumbled a thank you as he helped you get to your feet.
"Why are you out here in the rain?" he asked as you set to fixing your uniform.
"I was helping Mr. Jones grade papers," you answered. "When I came outside it was raining really hard."
He took you by the shoulder and guided you down the steps. "Well, good thing I showed up. If you walked to your dorm without an umbrella you would have caught a cold."
"Thanks, Mr. Kirkland," you murmured just loud enough so that he would hear it above the rain.
The teacher gave your shoulder a gentle squeeze before he started to walk with you. "You're welcome."
The rain continued to fall around you both, the umbrella that Mr. Kirkland had your only protection from the droplets. Your Mary Jane shoes slapped against the wet cement, breaking the silence of the evening, as well as reminding you that the majority of the academy was tucked away in their dorms.
Mr. Kirkland's hand had found its way onto your elbow, his large hand easil
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 21 59
Bring the Heat: Chapter 8
There was something about that man that made your heart sing. As soon as his lips found yours, his arms found their way around your waist, or his beautiful baby blue eyes found yours something inside you exploded into fireworks. Alfred had a certain something about him that he put into every action he ever made, and it sure did catch your attention.
Like how he made breakfast for you yet again, so you awoke to the blissful sound of oil crackling and popping in a frying pan and Alfred's combination of whistling and humming. There was no way to stop the smile that crept onto your face as you rolled out of bed and snuck into the kitchen, tiptoeing your way to just behind your boyfriend before throwing your arms around his muscular – and topless – torso.
"Hey there, sleepyhead," he greeted as he twisted his arm around to hand you a t-shirt. "I'm glad to see that you're awake now."
You took the shirt from his hands and the corners of your lips perked up when you noticed that it wa
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 16 9
Epidemic: Chapter 2
"Guys, it's time to properly suit you up for what's coming up ahead," you announced, motioning for them to stand.
When they stood you turned and went to your duffel bag, rummaging through it and placing some items onto the coffee table. Neatly arranged on the table were sets of skydiving goggles, airsoft masks, gloves, elbow and knee pads, nose plugs, forearm guards, and shin guards all in various colors and designs. You nodded at Alfred. "You know which ones are yours."
"Thanks for bringing them," Alfred said as he plucked his own gear out of the sets.
"No problem." You tossed Ivan a full face mask with his flag emblazoned on it, and Arthur a full face mask with the Union Jack design dominating it.
"Why did you bring gear for us already?" Arthur questioned as he pulled his mask over his head.
"Да, how did you know we would need it?" Ivan asked, looking at you curiously through the built in goggles on his mask.
Shrugging, you donned your own mask. "Al wanted me to bring the
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 11 11
APH: Metallic Eyes
Walking back home from a friend's house, you were content with the cool darkness and the mysteries it held. On this particular night, you were only concerned with getting home to your warm bed and maybe having a snack. Nothing could harm you, not in this mundane place and time.
As you turned a corner, you wondered if there was any juice at home or if you'd have to drop by the convenience store—
A dangerous glint shone to your side and you squeaked in fear. When nothing leaped out at you to steal your lifeblood or maul you to bits, you took a deep breath and continued on to your house.
It was just a simple sparkle of some sort in the never-ending night pulsating around you. There couldn't have been anything sinister lurking in the darkened, sleepy city. Not here in this ordinary suburban—
That same glint flashed from down an alley and your breath hitched. You were hoping that you were paranoid and seeing things and not being stalked by a psycho killer. Mustering up whatever co
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 37 30
Gravity: Chapter 4
"What'd you do on your date?"
"What'd you do on your date?"
"What'd you do on your—?"
"For the love of – Jess, shut up!" you nearly screamed at her.
On this particular Sunday morning you were seated in your dorm room with Jess (who let herself in without your permission) and were attempting to finish writing the first part of your modern-day version of Romeo and Juliet. Unamused by your studious behavior she took to bothering you about your sort-of-kind-of date with Mr. Jones. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, she also wanted to try her hand at literally annoying you to death and keep you from finishing your homework.
"Tell me and I'll stop!"
Exasperated, you set your pencil down and faced your overly annoying friend. "We went outside and talked."
"And then you shared a passionate hot make-out session, right?"
"No, we did not kiss!" you exclaimed. "Read my lips: we did not kiss!"
She snorted and stole your p
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 24 40
In the Storm: Chapter 7
You were set down in a dark room, your mouth still covered and your limbs bound. A lantern was lit and you could see the Spanish captain's face clearly as it was illuminated in a dingy glow. Shadows played across the walls due to the flickering of the lamp, adding to the already frightening conditions of your capture, and making you just a bit more anxious than you already were.
The captain held your chin and turned your face this way and that. "You are pretty, señorita," he murmured as he removed your gag, "no wonder Kirkland is so fond of you."
Not wanting to converse with your captor, you fixed your eyes on a spot on the wall and stared blankly at it.
"I'm sure he won't mind if I play with you a little," he said with a grin. His lips found the exposed flesh of your neck and your eyes widened in shock. "He won't be coming for you, anyways . . ."
You squeezed your eyes tight as he pressed kisses along your brow.
"Hm . . . how about I make you a deal?" he asked, blinking up
:iconhero-savestheday:Hero-SavestheDay 15 14


When You're Dreaming
When you're dreaming
The world around you seems to unfold
And splay its colors out for all to see.
When you're dreaming
Black and white seems to melt
Until it is a puddle of mixed up hopes
Lies, goals, memories, and aspirations,
Ghostly reminders of the past
And corporeal sights from the future.
When you're dreaming,
Sanity takes a day off
And departs from you like a train departs
From an empty station.
When you're dreaming
Everything is as it appears to be,
Except sometimes not,
And then it's something else entirely.
When you're dreaming,
Up is down and down is up,
Only sometimes left is up and down is left,
And right is underneath.
When you're dreaming,
The world works in mysterious ways
That only seem to be mysterious
After you've already woken up.
When you're dreaming,
Things are crystal-clear and painfully vivid,
Only to be replaced by murky thoughts afterward.
When you're dreaming,
:iconmidnightdreamshadow:MidnightDreamShadow 5 9
Father Figure
Father Figure
Chapter Five

You were caught off guard when Alfred kissed you. Your eyes widened and you dropped Hua. But your eyes eased closed and kissed him back.
You loved Alfred. You really did. He was strong, assertive, out-going, everything you ever wanted to be but never could be, and everything you ever wanted in a guy, but never got.
"Meow." Your kiss with Alfred was interrupted when Hua patted your left hand and meowed in annoyance. She was supposed to get all the attention after all. You pulled away from Alfred and giggled at Hua and gently stroked her. Alfred looked a little disappointed. "Ahem, Miss Name?" You, Alfred and Hua looked up at the door and saw an army general standing there, he looked rather awkward. "Yes general, what is it?" He stagnated up and walked over to you, "I need to talk to you, in privet." You nodded and smiled apologetically at Alfred. He understood, he gave you a small kiss on your forehead and left. You looked back at the general, who looke
:iconmaple-lover:Maple-Lover 20 5
Mature content
Father Figure :iconmaple-lover:Maple-Lover 20 0
Mature content
Father Figure :iconmaple-lover:Maple-Lover 25 9
Father Figure
Father Figure
Chapter Two

"Oh my goodness…"
That was all you could say when you say Alfred's house. It was incredibly big, huge even, and you recognised the architecture as Colonial Revival. You walked towards the door behind Alfred carrying your suitcases and gaping at the house. But you really were speechless when the front door was opened.
The interior was just as beautiful as the exterior, maybe even more so. The wallpaper was a light pale blue, the carpets a soft cream and the curtains were made of beautiful white lace. You gently stroked the curtains and smiled at the large American flag that was hung above the stone fireplace.
"So, do you like it?" You turned to Alfred and grinned. "Like it? I love it! It's so beautiful Al, I've never seen anything like it!" Alfred grinned, obviously happy with your high praise. "Gee, thanks! Say, Name, what's your house like?" You shrugged, "It's nice, but nothing compared to this!" Alfred laughed, "Come on, let me show you your new
:iconmaple-lover:Maple-Lover 23 10
Father Figure
Father Figure
Chapter One

The year was 1941, The United States has just entered World War Two and with it The Kingdom of ______, that is, you.
Alfred has been your best friend for years, and there was no way you were going to let him talk out of fighting like he did in World War One.
Which was why you were calmly walking down the hallway to the Allies meeting. You were humming a song you had heard on the radio this morning when you were unexpectedly interrupted.
"Name! How are you, aru?"
Startled, you turned around and you were happily surprised to see Wang Yao, also known as China.
"Yao! It's so nice to see you! I'm fine, how are you?"
Yao smiled at you, his eyes were shining.
"I'm fine, aru. Tell me Name, have you joined the Allies along with America, aru?"
"Of course! There's no way I'm going to let him do this alone."
Yao chuckled, "He's hardly alone, aru."
You smiled, "I know Yao, but you know what I mean."
Yao smiled back, "I do, aru."
He opened the door to the meeting.
:iconmaple-lover:Maple-Lover 37 7
Day Of Silence - a UsUk Fic
"Alfred, why do you have tape on your mouth"
"..." The boy pointed to the paper he pinned to his chest. His brother looked over it, reading what it was generally about.
"Day of Silence?" Alfred nodded. Matthew gave him an incredulous look.
"I give you an hour." Then he stalked off, a newly tape-mouthed Gilbert following close behind.
'I'll show them'
~One Hour later~
"Alfred! .... Why is there tape on your mouth?" Alfred, once again, pointed to his shirt. His boyfriend was looking over the paper, reading it. Arthur looked up questioningly.
"Why are you doing that?" Alfred poked the green-eyed brit's chest, as if saying, 'For you'. The brit immediately turned bright red.
"That's.... Bloody adorable Alfred." The Brit said through his hand, trying to cover up his blush. There was a long pause before Arthur stepped onto his tip-toes and pecked the multi-colored tape on Alfred's lips.
"Let me go find some tape."
:iconyintsunami:yintsunami 864 231
Hetalia FirixAl Magnet by xXneskaXx Hetalia FirixAl Magnet :iconxxneskaxx:xXneskaXx 281 73 i am who i am by vampiretrash i am who i am :iconvampiretrash:vampiretrash 1,482 232 APH: BrainDamaging Test by CenaFenrier APH: BrainDamaging Test :iconcenafenrier:CenaFenrier 4,634 515 Tobi's First Mission by crow213 Tobi's First Mission :iconcrow213:crow213 12,077 2,064 red string of fate by kotorikurama red string of fate :iconkotorikurama:kotorikurama 231 13 LOVE IS WAR by seki22 LOVE IS WAR :iconseki22:seki22 2,003 162 DNF: Go, Raito, Go by Garth2The2ndPower DNF: Go, Raito, Go :icongarth2the2ndpower:Garth2The2ndPower 1,173 369 Kuroshitsuji - Confession by Tenshi-no-Hikari Kuroshitsuji - Confession :icontenshi-no-hikari:Tenshi-no-Hikari 11,693 1,113


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Hello, dA. Been a while, right?

Okay, no excuses; I'm back. I know I've been saying this a lot, but I am going to seriously try this time. I've decided what's going to happen and what I'm going to do so here it is:

    This is War is on hiatus.

    Out Cold is semi-dead because of loss of ideas, but it'll be finished.

    Gravity is kind of on the rocks because I can't figure out how to go on with it.

    In the Storm is definitely on a hiatus. I can't stand pirate stories anymore because the idea is seriously used too much.

    Epidemic is doing okay. Everyone will hate the ending, though. I can already feel it.

    Bring the Heat is getting there.

I'm pretty sure that's all of them. But today I have some sad news; I don't think that I'll continue writing Hetalia stuff once I'm done with these series. I've kind of lost the muse for them, so I'll be moving on to my other obsessions. I'll be doing reader inserts for Marvel comics, the Hunger Games, and maybe even Sherlock (BBC). I'm saying this tentatively because I'm sure that I'll have an idea for Hetalia at some point. So don't freak out just yet.

In other news, I've decided that the next time I start a series I will pre-write chapters and add them at fixed points so I don't leave you guys hanging. So if any other writers are reading this, you should keep that in mind. Nothing sucks more than being a reader and waiting for a story you like to be updated. I know, I've been there and I've learned that I will never make that mistake again as a writer.

Anyways, I'll be writing some Avengers oneshots and maybe some Hunger Games ones amidst my mad dash to finish the aforementioned series. This is somewhat unrelated, but let me tell you, the Hunger Games fandom is somewhat lacking in reader inserts. But I'm happy to say that most of the ones that I've found are pretty good.

To those who have requested from me, I am sad to say that the prompts have stumped me ever since I've had them. I'm trying here, but goodness. I am definitely keeping requests closed because I've had a lot on my plate from the start and I am weighed down even more at the moment.

All in all, I'll be trying to get as much as I can done and posted by tomorrow. Maybe Epidemic, Gravity, and Bring the Heat. Also, a oneshot or two for the Avengers. So to those who have requested, I apologize again and again because my muse has been running away for the past year. To my readers, I am trying very hard to be here (haha AFI reference) and I am trying to pull through so I can give you all the closure of a happy, sad, or in-between ending. But I am warning you, Epidemic fans, you are not going to like the ending.

I am off to go on what I hope will be a successful writing rampage. Bye, everyone.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm Hero. I am currently obsessed with the Avengers and Marvel comic books/movies in general. I'm an authoress that is mostly famous for my Hetalia reader-insert fics, but I write original fiction as well. I'm not taking requests at the moment. I also write original fiction, but I need to work on character development.

I only submit to :iconreader-inserts: I'm sorry, but it's weird being part of one group already. I hope you understand, other Hetalia/Reader Insert groups >.<


1. Don't ask me if I'm continuing a series. I will only discontinue a series if I can't come up with any more ideas for it, and so far I still have ideas for all of them. Plus, I would post a journal about it if I was discontinuing a series.

2. Don't ask me when I will update or ask me to update. I don't have a schedule on when I will update so I update at uncoordinated intervals.

3. If you like something, fav it. It means a lot to get a simple fav. It means a lot if you comment, but I understand if you have to fav and run or you just can't find anything to say.

4. Don't ask me what happens next. You'll find out what happens next when it happens. I will give vague hints at most.

5. Don't request stories. I have quite a few series to worry about and enough requests and promised oneshots to deal with already. There are other wonderful authors out there who would be happy to take your request, I just don't have the time to write requests, my regular series, and take care of my other obligations at the same time.

6. If you post fanart, keep it on deviantArt. No Tumblr, flickr, Facebook, photobucket, etc.

7. If you post fanart, tell me about it. I'll feature you and your fanart in a journal because I'm grateful for fanart.



I don't co-write stories and I don't do requests anymore (blargh, I haven't even opened them up and I quit already), but I'll take friendly suggestions. Reason why I don't do requests: If I opened them up, I will be flooded with requests. I have a few pending already and I can't do requests on top of the series I'm currently writing, my oneshots that I promised to write, and my other obligations. As much as I'd love to do requests, I'm sticking to the ones I have now and the series I'm writing for currently and in the future. Those who have already requested will get their requests but I won't take anymore now. Sorry, guys.


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